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March 1, 2010

Snack Management

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Here is a question I recently received from

I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. During the day at work I eat very little, but in the evenings and weekends, I can’t seem to stay out of the kitchen. Do you have any suggestions to control my snacking in the evenings and weekends?

Today, being busy all day and then coming home from work on an empty stomach is something that I think most people experience. I go to classes all day and while I snack in between class, I still find myself starving after the 40 minute car ride home. I noticed that once I got to my house I would want to eat everything in site because I had not had a real “meal” all day; only a small snack that I could fit into the 15 minutes I had between classes. I know that my body’s glucose levels were going from an extreme low to an extreme high when I would consume too many calories at one sitting. I realized that I needed to do something different to make sure my stomach was not on empty when I arrived home to reduce this spike in blood sugar.

Here is something that I do that may help you as well:

I make myself a turkey wrap to eat on the way home. I use a La Tortilla Factory tortilla that has 14g of fiber and has a lower amount of carbohydrates. Along with the tortilla and fat free turkey, I add a slice of fat free cheese, some lettuce, mustard, and tomato. This snack only amounts to about 180 calories and since I wrap it in foil like a burrito I am able to eat it while I am walking to my car. By the time I get home (about 40min later) that “full” signal is already on its way to registering in my brain. This has really helped my ability to maintain my healthy eating habits late at night. Now when I get home a nice bowl of vegetable soup with a handful of whole grain crackers is all I need to satiate my appetite.

Think about your daily situation this way: Why don’t you eat during the day while you are at work? It is most likely because you are distracted by other priorities. I think that “flight or fight” experience occurs at work when people are so focused on doing well in their career that the parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest and digest” mode that we experience while at home, has been shut down. However, once our mind is relaxed and more in tune with our stomach, we start to experience that hungry feeling. This is where most people make the decision to make or break their good eating habits.

Whether it’s a turkey wrap, yogurt, fresh cut vegetables, crackers, etc…, having something to eat while you are walking out of the office and into your car might help curb that need to over eat when you get home. In addition, when you do arrive home here are a few things that might help take your mind off of the kitchen:

1) Plan out your snacks, lunch, and dinner in advance to help manage what you will eat and when. Personally, keeping a food record has been the most effective tool to maintaining healthy habits. During weekends when I do not have a designated lunch time and my schedule is more open, I make sure to eat about 5-6 small meals during the day with gaps of about 3 hours. Snacking is easy when you’re bored, so setting a schedule helps. Knowing that I will be eating every 2 ½-3 hours also helps assure me that my next meal is not far away so I am less likely to eat more than I should.

2) After work eat the majority of your dinner with complete focus and enjoyment on what you are eating. Then, when you are almost finished, work on a crossword puzzle, sudoku, read an intriguing book or do something to take your mind off of grabbing something else to eat. Make sure it is something that requires focus and attention to fully distract your mind. This will make the transition away from food easier. I like to do crossword puzzles because it not only keeps my mind focused, but requires the use of my hands. Reading a book or watching tv leaves your hands free which might entice you to use them for something else, snacking.

3) Drink plenty of fluids. Most of the time we mistake thirst for hunger

4) Make it a priority to eat during the day whether you think you are hungry or not. Small, frequent meals are important in maintaining glucose levels. You want to make sure you are consuming enough calories and are doing this throughout the day.

Experiment different techniques that work for you. Everyone is different and eats for a variety of reasons. Knowing why you are over eating is the first step in correcting the problem. The solution may be as simple as eating more frequently throughout the day to prevent spikes in glucose.

Remember, you are your own best friend so listen to yourself with care



February 17, 2010

In a nutshell

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Hello! My name is Jackie and I am a student at California State University, Sacramento and I am studying to become a registered dietician. I love athletics and would love to work with college athletes one day or travel the world and find new ways to bring healthy, delicious foods into the homes of America. We have become so separated from our food, yet it seems no matter where we look, no matter what time of the day it is, no matter how little or how much we have to spend, food is always available.

I have a passion for helping people. I am a sincere giver and enjoy seeing others succeed. Ever since I was a young girl I said, “I don’t know what I am going to do with my life, but I know I want to help people”. And now I feel like I have the ability to accomplish that through food.

As a child I consumed nothing but McDonald’s supersized meals and processed, cheesy, fried, greasy, foods. From chips to cookies to pizza and sweets I was headed toward a life full of health complications. Then, at 14 I decided to start changing my bad habits and by 21 I had completely transformed my diet and my entire life. It has been a long journey, one that will never be over. It is a lifelong choice I have made for myself and I hope that being a dietitian will assist me in continuing on the new path I have paved for myself.

I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school and after playing 2 1/2 years of college softball at CSU Stanislaus and pursuing a degree in Business Finance I had figured out two things: One, that finance was not for me, and two, that nutrition had changed my life and I wanted others to be able to experience the joys that a healthy lifestyle can provide. So, my last years at Stanislaus were spent learning all I could about nutrition on my own, finishing up my collegiate softball career, and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. With all of that behind me I am now on a new mission. Get my Bachelor’s in dietetics from Sacramento State, get accepted into a dietetic internship program, and then pass the RD exam and fulfill my dream of enriching the lives of as many people as I can.

A New Site

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As an apprentice to a new website that will provide health and nutritional information for people with diabetes I encourage you to go to the following link

Blog at